Valentine's Day Is Fun!

By: Glen Thompson

Valentine’s Day can be a hard time for some people. Not everyone has a significant other to spend the day with, and if that’s you, go ahead and click on Brianna Heyman’s article, Treat Yourself. However, if you do have someone to spend the day with, you might be stuck on what to do that day. So, here are some fun, inexpensive ideas on what to do on February 14th.

-Have an at-home dinner date. Cook your own food, turn down the lights, and turn on your favorite movie.

-Write each other love letters full of all the things you like/love about your partner. Give them to each other and just let each other feel full of the love you feel for them.

-Spend the day driving to all your favorite locations; the spot where you first met, the location of your first date, a park where you can watch the sunset. Anywhere you’d like to go, really.

-Go to WalMart, Meijer, Kroger, any store you want to, and buy all your favorite candies and desserts. Then, put together some ice cream with your favourite toppings.

-Go to the arcade. There’s a NickelWorld in Toledo, an arcade where every game costs only a nickel.  

-Play board games. You’d never know how competitive and wild a board game night can get until you’re two hours until Monopoly and your partner has all the railroads and you’re losing.

 No matter your relationship status or your financial status, Valentine’s Day can be a day for you!

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