Tradition, Commitment, Excellence
Arlington football was the 23rd team in the state of Ohio to reach the 600 win milestone on October 24th, 2014. That winning attitude is a pillar of the school, and community of Arlington, and is embodied by our student/athletes in and out of the classroom.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach - Josh McGrain

Defensive Coordinator - Nick Inbody

Offensive Line - Shane Cavinee

Defensive Backs - Dennis Lee

Defensive Line - Jim Speyer

Fire-Up Coach - David Featheringill



2020 Roster


Connor Foust

Jason Launder

Jacob Price

Austin Frysinger

Bryce Gast

Noah Thibaut

Caden Lafferty

Jack Bateson

William Flick

Ethan Frazier



Grant Riegle

Grady Romick

Anthony Carles

Chris Cortez

Caleb Foltz

Kolin Bird

Ty Kessler 



Ian Boyd 

Johnathon Burnett

Rylar Essigner

Cayne Essigner

Lucas Fenstermaker

Jared Griggs

Logan Mahler

Jake Vermillion

Landon Courtney



Caden Russell

Luke Metzger

Max Jolliff

Brady Kin

Jaxson Collins

Brayden Agapiou

Wyatt Berry

Garrett Wykes

Wesley Hartman

Mason Cavinee

Isaiah Schwab

Cade Riegle

















Custodial and Summer Work Available

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Senior of the Month: April

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