*Revised 8/16/18*

Hi!! Thanks for visiting my website :)

My name is Mrs. Audrey Van Hoose. I married my husband in July 2012 and am glad I'm at Arlington to teach the Algebra courses. Below is my schedule so that you know when is a good time to reach me.

I graduated from Arlington in 2002 and my maiden name is Snyder. I graduated from UF in May 2006 with my Bachelor of Science Degree with a double major in Education and Math. I received my Master's Degree in August 2009 in Human Resource Management and an Emphasis in Online Teaching. During the summer of 2013, I took five graduate classes to earn my Master's + 15.

Upon graduating college, I taught at Vanlue for one year part-time. After getting experience at Vanlue, I moved on to Tiffin Columbian High School. I taught Geometry there for five years. In looking for a job for my husband, I stumbled upon the Arlington math opening. I figured, hey why not, and sent in my information. Two interviews later, I was offered the position and was so excited to take it!! I look forward to another great year at Arlington!!

Under my schedule, you will see the classes I teach. Please click on the subject you are in to find the notes from each lesson. 

CHECK ME OUT ON REMIND (see the handout that was given at Open House or attached to the letter sent home at the beginning of the school year from me for the 3 ways to sign up) FOR DAILY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS AND UPCOMING ASSESSMENTS!! 


1st Period (8:00-8:46) - Algebra II

2nd Period (8:49-9:38) - Algebra I

3rd Period (9:41-10:27) - Algebra II Concepts

4th Period (10:30-11:16) - Conference

5th Period (11:19-12:05) - Algebra I

6th Period (12:08-12:38) - Lunch

7th Period (12:41-1:27) - Algebra I

8th Period (1:30-2:16) - Calculus

9th Period (2:19-3:05) - Algebra II


Algebra I                Algebra II                Calculus