Senior of the Month: November

Congratulations to Sophia Dillon on receiving the November Senior of the Month! Here are some questions we asked her:

What is your biggest fear?
-My biggest fear is the dark and being alone, because the darkness is a scary place when you can't see anything in it!
What is your favorite high school memory?
-My favorite high school memory is making stickers for Manatee Awareness Month and also making anti-Alex stickers when he told me mean things about manatees. His mom even wanted a sticker! Or my other favorite memory from high school is when a group of our friends would do a marching routine to our class after lunch every day of freshman year!
Have you ever broken a bone?
-I can proudly say that I have never broken a bone!
Why do you love manatees?
-Mr. Dillon in Computer Applications once called me a manatee, and out of spite I started learning random facts about them and learned a ton of cool things about the adorable creatures! Now that I have fallen in love with them I can say for the first part of my manatee love journey it was... fake. Once I started to understand the true beauty of manatees though I knew that I was truly in love with such an underappreciated animal!
Is water wet?
-Water is wet, and it can make things wet. If you are covered in water, you are indeed... WET!
Is cereal a soup?
-I feel that it cannot count as a soup, because you need vegetables or something. I cannot tell myself that cereal is soup.
What is the coolest super power?
-The best superpower definitely is telepathy! You can read people's minds and make them do stuff for you, no way flying can beat that!

Here is what the staff has to say about Sophia:

“Sophie is an outstanding student, exemplary leader, and a prime example of the type of child parents hope to raise. She is actively involved in many school activities, yet she is never too busy to help when asked. She is a positive role model, who never backs down from a challenge, but she always has a smile on her face while facing those challenges. She is also a charismatic leader, who is able to instill a sense of confidence and pride in everyone she works with. All of these characteristics, combined with Sophie's unique personality and maturity make her the perfect choice for student of the month.”

“Sophie demonstrates great qualities as a student and a human. Studious, hard-working, and involved are all words I would use to describe her. The underclassmen have a great role model to look up to. Congratulations Sophie!”

“One of a kind, witty, enthusiastic, empathetic, and creative. These are just a few traits that Sophia exudes on a daily basis. Her humor and interest in class make her an enjoyable student and she is a positive peer role model. Not only is she a great student, but she is a webmaster, cheerleader, band student, and mentor all while saving the manatees and upholding a vegetarian lifestyle! Keep up the great work, Sophia, and congratulations on being the November Senior of the Month.”

“Sophie has a contagious spirit! She is always smiling and laughing! She is a hard worker who has a bright future ahead of her. Her love of manatees surpasses anything I’ve ever seen. Best wishes Sophie! Eres una persona preciosa, inteligente, amable y creativa.”

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