Senior of the Month: March

Congratulations to Kaden Smith on receiving the March Senior of the Month! Here are some questions we asked him:

What will you miss most about high school?
-I will miss all of my friends and seeing them in the hallways everyday and making memories with them.
What is your favorite high school memory?
-My favorite memory from these past 4 years was the Junior Class Play. Carter and I had to be country hicks and got to perform "Chicken and the Corn" in front of the whole school.
What are your future plans?
-My future plans are to attend Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee to major in songwriting.
Who is your role model?
-My role model is my mom. She is very driven and honest and I look up to her a lot.
What is your biggest fear?
-My biggest fear is being stabbed. No idea why, but it freaks me out.
What are some of your hobbies?
-My hobbies include hanging out with my friends, playing music and going to Findlay to buy coffee.
What is your long term goal?
-My long term goal is to make music for myself and others and hopefully be successful.

Here is what the staff has to say about Kaden:

· “Kaden is a joy to have in class. He is a hard worker, he is a willing and enthusiastic participant in class activities, and he is always a positive and uplifting presence in class. Kaden's energy and zeal for life are contagious, and his kindness and acceptance of others is unparalleled. Kaden's approach to life is refreshing, and it is a true example for our younger students of how to be both an outstanding student and also an outstanding human being. In my opinion, Kaden is the type of role model that we need to highlight in our school district for all of these reasons.”

· “Kaden has a kind, fun loving demeanor. He always tries to make the best of every situation. He has a great sense of humor that can lift your spirits. His jokes and one-liners were classic. Congratulations Kaden!”

· “Kaden is a positive, mature, witty, creative, and downright happy human being! He is always encouraging to others, he seeks first to understand, and he is a great peer role model. In addition, Kaden is musically gifted, yet exudes such a humble persona. Congratulations, Kaden!”

· “Kaden’s character is one of a kind. He's polite, makes good judgements, is a good leader, and overall sets a good example for who a red devil should be. I've really seen Kaden grow into a great young adult who'll do great things no matter what path he takes after high school. Congrats Kaden and keep shredding!”

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