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There are dozens of behind-the-scenes people who diligently work to make our school as inviting and safe as it is. From the wonderful women who fill our bellies to the hard-workers who line the field and keep our facilities clean to the teachers and administrative workers who make our day run smoothly, they’re people we couldn’t attend school without. In an attempt to shine a spotlight on these amazing people, media writing will be writing a weekly article about a member of the staff. We invite you to read and learn more about these amazing staff members! 

Name: Katie Cheney

How long have you worked at this school: This is my 3rd year.

Something you wish the students at the school knew about you, your job, or just life in general: I try to have an impactful and positive attitude everyday and use the idea of  E+R=O (Event + Reaction= Outcome). I truly believe that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. If you can find the joy in each day you are going to impact the world. You never know how being kind to someone, or even just your smile, can change someone’s day for the better.  

What made you choose this job: I love Arlington and I loved my time in this school as a student. I enjoy being helpful, being organized, and doing the “behind the scenes” work. I also love the students; I’ve known some of the students for a long time and some I am just getting to know. I just want to help make Arlington a great place to be, both in this school and community. 

What is your favorite thing to do during work: Be helpful! Whether it’s helping with students, teachers, organizing, or fixing anything, I just try to be helpful. I also enjoy talking with the students and learning more about them, or picking on my office helpers and keeping them on their toes! 

What is your least favorite thing to do during work: Anything that involves going in the storage closets. 

What is your favorite thing to do during your day off: I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, especially my niece and nephew! 

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been: I went to St. Lucia for my honeymoon almost 4 years ago. It was beautiful! 

What are some small things that make your day better: Students coming in or passing them in the hall and saying “Hi!”, lunchtime with teachers, or the conversations I have with my office helpers!

We’d like to thank Mrs. Cheney and all the others who help our school run smoothly. Come back in two weeks to learn more about the next employee we interview.

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