Featured Staff

We’ve asked Ruth some hard-hitting questions to learn more about her:

Name: Ruth Lamberjack
How long have you worked at this school: This is my 25th year.
Something you wish the students at the school knew about you, your job, or just life in general: I graduated from AHS.Go after your dreams as soon as you can. I always wanted to be a nurse and finally did 36 yrs after high school graduation.
What made you choose this job: Opportunity, close to my house, summers off plus snowdays.
What's your favorite thing to do during work: I like serving lunches and talking to students.
What your least favorite thing to do during work: Cut up ham for the salad bar.
[Lunch workers only] What’s your favorite meal that you prepare for the school lunches: Taco chicken for salad bar.
What's your favorite thing to do during your day off: I like to watch my grandkids and watch ID on T.V.
Where is the most interesting place you’ve been: Hoover Dam, Mt.Hood, NYC
What are some small things that make your day better: Smiles and what the little kids tell me or say

We’d like to thank Ruth and all the others who help our school run smoothly. Come back next week to learn more about the next employee we interview!

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