Solo and Ensemble Results

By: Glen Thompson

On Saturday, February 9th, choir students from Arlington participated in Solo and Ensemble, a platform for individuals and groups from high schools to be scored on their performance. The contest allows for 5 different rankings, with 5 being the lowest possible and 1 being the highest possible. This year, Arlington was greatly represented by 27 different students, and they all performed wonderfully. Their scores were as follows:



Junior/Senior Women's Ensemble (Alyssa Bushong, Cloe Crist, Madison Hartman, Olivia Line, Peyton Rettig, Bailey Rock, Emily Woodard, Glen Thompson, Abigail Lotz) - I,  Superior


Men's Ensemble (Caden Anderson, Glen Thompson, Kobie Parrish, Christopher Cortez, Morgan Rossman, Andrew Burnett, Carter Russell) - I, Superior


Fresh/Soph Women’s Ensemble (Kendra Tossey, Lacey Lute, Kaylie Hankins, Evelyn Flick, Makenna Grillot, Kendra Parke, Heidi Beach) - II, Excellent


Select Ensemble (Caden Anderson, Kyra Bormuth, Andrew Burnett, Alyssa Bushong, Christopher Cortez, Cloe Crist, Evelyn Flick, Kaylie Hankins, Madison Hartman, Cameron Haught, Olivia Line, Abigail Lotz, Kobie Parrish, Peyton Rettig, Morgan Rossman, Carter Russell, Kendra Parke, Hannah Willow, Emily Woodard) - I, Superior



Madison Hartman - II, Excellent

Lacey Lute - II, Excellent

Abbi Lotz- I, Superior

Morgan Rossman - I, Superior

Peyton Rettig - I, Superior

Glen Thompson -I, Superior

Evelyn Flick - I, Superior


We are incredibly proud of all who participated. Their amazing scores show the work and dedication that each performer put into their solos and ensembles. This won’t be the only show of dedication and achievement from choral students at Arlington-on Saturday, March 9th, the High School Concert Choir will be competing at the OMEA D3 Large Group Contest at Shawnee High School. We hope to see you there to further celebrate the accomplishments of the vocal students at Arlington!


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