Senior of the Month: February

By: Anna Edmiston

This month’s Senior of the month is (drumroll please)... KYRA BORMUTH!


What the teachers have to say:

“Kyra is a pleasant, mature, and resilient young woman! Not only is she the first to volunteer and lead a project or an idea, but she is an effective mediator between her peers, and she is always willing to see all perspectives. Kyra always has a smile on her face and her ability to be a kind and sincere human is much appreciated! Congratulations, Kyra!”

“Kyra was a pleasure to have in class. She always walked in with a smile and was ready to learn. Her empathetic and friendly demeanor, as well as her exceptional intellect will make her an amazing doctor one day!”

“Kyra always sets high goals for herself and doesn’t stop till she has exceeded them.”

“She is kind and friendly and brightens the room when she walks in! “


To shed some more light on this student, I decided to ask some unconventional questions and here are her responses.

1. What do you consider to be the most underrated Pop Tart flavor?

“Brown Sugar”

2. If you got to make your own conversation hearts for Valentine's Day, what would you want yours to say?

“You a snack (and I'm hungry);)”

3. What is an unexpected memory that you will remember from high school?

“Getting Homecoming Queen, I totally did not see it coming, because all of the other Queen candidates were soo freaking amazing! I literally just stood still and started clapping when they call my name because it didn't sink in that they called my name and I was clapping one of the other ladies.“

4. What is your favorite pen brand?

“Pilot G-2 ;)”

5. If you had to throw cold spaghetti at anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

“Will because it think he would freak out and it would be freaking hilarious.”


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