Red Ribbon Week

By: Abbie Sheets

 Every October, people in the United States receive the opportunity to raise awareness for the prevention of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and other acts of violence. This specific time is named Red Ribbon Week. Back in 1980, the National Family Partnership, a nonprofit organization, was established by parents who had a passion to eliminate the usage of drugs. They provide awareness, advocacy, and resources to help prevent and treat addiction.

 After the murder of Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Enrique Camarena, angered parents began wearing red ribbons to show their commitment in raising awareness to end killings and destruction due to drug abuse. 37 year-old Enrique was meeting his wife for lunch when five men appeared and shoved him inside of a car. He was discovered a month later, tortured to death. In honor of him, they adopted a symbol in his memory, the red ribbon.

 Go to to pledge your allegiance to ending drug abuse. Signing up can help you learn more about the cause and how to get involved. Studies state that parents who talk to their children on the risks of drugs are 42% less likely to use them than those who don’t. The teenage years are an extremely vulnerable time, and educating them on making good decisions can make them feel comforted. Take action, and help create a drug free America.

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