Iron Giraffe Challenge

By: Glen Thompson

The 7th-grade class has again been challenged to participate in the Iron Giraffe Challenge. This is the second year that the Arlington seventh graders have participated in this impactful challenge. The Iron Giraffe Challenge allows for the raising of money to build wells for the impoverished people of South Sudan. In South Sudan, people have to walk hundreds of miles a week carrying more than 40 pounds of water, knowing that this is futile as the majority of the water will not be clean. This organization saves lives and the addition of Arlington’s seventh graders helping only saves more lives.

There are various ways that you can help with this challenge. You can either sponsor a seventh grader by donating a dollar for every free throw that they make (they get 50 tries!) or donate money during the week of March 25-29.* The free throw shots took place every day during 7th period in the old gym to determine how much they would make from the sponsors. There will be a container in the lunch room during this week for additional donations.

The Iron Giraffe Challenge allows for our students to work towards an impactful social change that improves the lives of those in need. Last year, the 7th-graders raised just over $1,000. This year’s group is very determined to beat that goal, so please help the seventh grades so the seventh graders can help others!

*Checks can be made out to Arlington Local Schools and delivered to Ms. Hiller*


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