Hallway Manners 2.0

By: Sophia Dillon

As the new school year emerges and students are finding their way to their classes, here are the main rules to keep in mind.

-Walk on the right side of the hallway
   *As students get older and are learning how to drive, they should be taking the rules of the roads to the hallways of Arlington!
      ~This is mostly geared towards freshmen and junior high students.
-Walk in a single file line
   *You might want to talk to your best friend while you see them in the hallway, but they CAN still hear you if they are not beside you.
      ~Not walking in a single file line makes the hallways way more crowded and  difficult to maneuver!
-DO NOT stop in the middle of the hallway
   *This causes traffic jams, fights, and it makes upperclassmen very irritated and more likely to run you over.
-NO horseplay in the hallways
   *There is no need to be all over your friends in the halls!
      ~This makes everyone else in the hallway feel uncomfortable and again crowds the hallway.

All these things have been said so that the underclassmen do not get hurt in the hallways or get run over. If you do your part, that is one more person that the upperclassmen do not have to rant about!

Good luck freshmen and all high school students in your upcoming year!


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