8th Grade Book Project

By: Morgan Wykes

Miss Hiller’s 8th-grade class recently finished reading a book of their choice. They had a choice between four books: Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Unbroken, Code Name Verity, or The Book Thief. These books are all based on World War II. They now have to create a poster project comparing how the war affected the book characters and real-life veterans. They will also have to find the similarities between the two. Miss Hiller had three veterans come in early January to talk to her class. They talked about how long they were in the service, what they did, and the ever lasting effects. The students were able to ask questions to help them with their projects as well. Some of their questions were: “How did your military experience affect your life today?”, “Where did you serve the majority of time in the service?”, and “What motivated you to join the military?” The students were then able to get their questions answered when they met these veterans face to face. Moving forward, they will now begin to work on their poster projects to complete this unit.




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