The Joyce Ivy Foundation

By: Anna Edmiston

The Joyce Ivy Foundation’s Summer Scholars Program is provided by a non-profit organization and it awards money to girls in the Midwest to attend Ivy League School Summer programs. This allows a chance that, without this scholarship, would not be possible. Directly from their website, “The Joyce Ivy Foundation Summer Scholars program provides scholarships for talented high school women from the Midwest to participate in summer academic programs on the campuses of our college partners.” This program is specifically aimed toward female students going into 11th or 12th grade and introduces them to a group of highly recognized universities, to which they might not have been introduced to before. Through a partnership with these colleges (including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Brown, and many more), Joyce Ivy is able to work with students’ financial situations and make sure their educational aspirations are achieved.

Through this foundation, I have received a full-ride trip to Brown University, in Rhode Island, to study Experimental Writing. I heard about this foundation through a family friend who happens to be a guidance counselor and wanted to make sure I knew about this almost-too-good-to-be-true scholarship. After hearing about it, I applied to both the two-week summer program as well as for the scholarship. I got accepted into the program and shortly after, found out that I had received all the money to attend the course. I will be there from June 18th through the 29th and will be taking a class as well as have opportunities to explore the campus, the town, and get a real college experience. This is a huge opportunity that I would like to tell other girls in Arlington about so they can try and take this chance. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or consult the website

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