The Final Stretch: How to Make it Through Successfully

By: Anna Edmiston

With the end of school and summer break on the horizon, it is hard to stay motivated. Believe me, senioritis is contagious and is spreading. But we all need to remember that we need to end the year strong! This can be hard when you are so ready for the end but it is possible!

 Here are some tips for how to stay motivated:

-Keep the end in mind: know that what you’re working toward is important and so are your grades
-Reward yourself for the work you do: get the work done and treat yourself with your favorite snack
-Get the things you need to get done first: we all want to relax when we get home but, if you get the important stuff done first, you can relax easier when you have nothing to -worry about
-Get as much done as you can during the school day: School is like a job, so if you are constantly working and getting so much done at school, you can avoid the big workload at home
-Keep a schedule: know what you want to get done and when they are due and plan other things around those big things
-Recognize the good work you have done: it is easy to let success slip under pressure but take pride in the accomplishments

Hopefully, this helps us underclassmen and even seniors stay motivated and end the year well!

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