By: Emma Smith

The holiday that has been around for forever, since 1621 to be exact, is approaching fast. Here are some tips and tricks to make your Thanksgiving go smoothly.

1. Plan out your dishes the night before you make them. Look at the recipe and make a list of the ingredients needed for each one then make sure you have them at home. That way if you need to run to the store you have plenty of time to do that.

2. Simple decorations are usually the way to go. If you are too decorated the guests might feel overwhelmed. Plus it makes more work for you.

3. Have a game or activity for your guests to do so they do not get bored or restless. Something as simple as going around the table and asking everyone what they are thankful for is an easy way to give thanks. I’m sure there are lots of other clever ideas you can come up with.

4. If you need any help with recipes or decoration ideas, check out

Happy Thanksgiving!


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