By: Adelyn Lafferty

The objective of the day was to build leadership, create teamwork, and to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Mrs. Molly Niese, the junior high science teacher, explains her experience:

“There are many schools and community volunteers that come. However, as a school, we only get to see 4 stations. The three we did this year were all great!

 First - Sylvania Historical Society did an activity where the kids did some problem-solving skills to identify some unknown to the 19th-century objects. They included a butter mold, lemon juicer, and curling iron. However, these items in 1800's looked differently than they do today! Then the girls drew conclusions about the period and owners by looking at the cost of the item and comparing it to the cost today, etc.

 Second - An occupational therapist came from Columbus and had temporary tattoos to show us what the muscles and tendons look like under our hand. Then we all made finger gutter splints!!! It was very fun and very hands on!

 Third- We worked with the robotics students at BGSU and made our own circuits and the girls got to solder them together! Something they would not have the opportunity to do here! Many of our girls did very well with this even though it is an advanced topic and I think it ignited some interest for the future!

 Fourth- We got to see some fun demos from Imagination Station and did a law of inertia lab with the cups!

 My favorite part- The girls got to have experiences that they would not get in the classroom and it increased their interest in the STEM careers!


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