Senior of The Month: October


By: Carson Essinger


What do her teachers have to say?

-Adelyn is a positive, mature role model. She is the epitome of reliability and responsibility. Adelyn cares for those around her and is the first to volunteer and lead her peers. Congratulations, Adelyn.
-Addy accepts nothing but her best . Whether it is in the classroom or on an athletic field, she is willing to put in the time necessary to become better. She is a wonderful young lady with a bright future ahead of her!
-Addy is an outstanding, hardworking, and dedicated art student. She is consistent with producing beautiful, top-notch pieces of art. Her commitment in doing her best is very obvious inside and out of the classroom.
-Addy is a team player that shows no signs of being selfish. She works very hard at being a team leader and putting the team first. During the off-season Addy works extra hard to make herself a better player which in turn makes the team better. She is a great role model for younger students and a good class leader.

With Addy being the Senior of the Month for October, we decided to interview her:

 -What are some of your most memorable moments in your years at Arlington?

A: Some of my most memorable moments were the intense wins my team has had throughout my volleyball career, playing softball, attending HOBY, and my senior homecoming.

 -What are you most excited for your senior year?

A: I am excited for a strong finish to my volleyball and softball careers here at Arlington. I am also very excited to go to New York City, graduate, and to make the most of my last year of high school with my classmates.

 -How has your family impacted your high school career?

A: My family has been my biggest supporters in all of my accomplishments. They have come to all of my events and they always have my back no matter what. I am so grateful to have such a supportive family.

 -What will you miss the most about Arlington?

A: I will miss being with my friends and family, friday night football, and playing high school sports.

 -Where would you like to attend college and what is your intended major?

A: I plan to attend Ohio Northern University, double majoring in Business Marketing and Sociology.

 -If you were to win the scholarship at the end of the year what would you use the money for?

A: If I were to win the scholarship money I would like to use it to help pay for my college tuition.



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