Senior of the Month: December


By: Makenna Zehender


What do her teachers have to say?

-Bri Mathews exudes friendliness and has an electric energy about her that is contagious! She is fun, kind, and is always in a good mood. Bri is the perfect example of the phrase “walking the walk” within her faith. Her positive outlook on life shows those around her that we should appreciate the small things in life. Congratulations, Bri!
-Bri is such a ray of sunshine into everyone’s day! She is always kind and thoughtful.
-Bri has been one of the kindest students I have ever taught. She is encouraging and positive with those around her. She is always quick to smile and say hello whenever I see her.
-Such a positive light to have in my class. She can brighten anyone’s day.

With Gabriella being the Senior of the Month, we decided to interview her:

 What are some of your most memorable moments in your years at Arlington?

G:  I have loved every moment with my class. I especially loved going to Washington D.C. and swimming in the hotel pool while playing “Keep Away” with everyone in my class. Another memorable moment was becoming Homecoming Queen. I am excited to continue making memories the rest of the school year, but so far these have been my favorite.

 What are you most excited for your senior year?

G: I am definitely most excited to go to New York City, and make another memorable class trip.

 How has your family impacted your high school career?

G:  My family has impacted me so much throughout my high school experience. My brothers especially impacted me. Dylan and Ty make me want to study, work hard to be successful, and achieve great things like them.

 What will you miss the most about Arlington?

G: I will definitely miss being a part of the Loud Crowd amd cheering on all of the teams. I will also miss being able to go to the Homecoming and Prom dances with all of my friends.

 Where would you like to attend college and what is your intended major?

G: I am currently undecided on where I will be attending college, but I plan to major in Nursing/Biology.

 If you were to win the scholarship at the end of the year what would you use the money for?

G: If I were to win the scholarship money at the end of the year I would put the money towards my college tuition and/or pay fees for books.


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