Lifelong Learning Day

By: Anna Edmiston

On May 3rd, Arlington hosted its first annual “Lifelong Learning Day” for the high school. This has been in the works for a very long time by our staff and could not have happened without them. For this day, over 30 different topics were presented throughout the day and the students had the opportunity to select which careers and topics they wanted to hear about. Some of these careers included a doctor, phlebotomist, a teacher, an outdoor specialist, some small business owners and many others. After the career presentations and lunch, the students were given the chance to do some fun activities including yoga, learning ukulele and an escape room. The students and staff of Arlington would like to give a huge thanks to all the presenters and the owner of Jac and Do’s. Collin, the owner, graciously donated enough pizza to feed 150 students, staff and presenters. We cannot thank all of the attendees enough and we hope to see them next year!

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