By: Adelyn Lafferty

 As most of you know, each year the Arlington Juniors put on prom for the high school. This year, prom is going to be held April 28 from 8-11pm at the Marathon Center for Performing Arts. There is always a checklist you have to fulfill before prom weekend which include….

  • Dress/Tux
  • Hair Appointment
  • Buy jewelry, shoes, and other accessories
  • Buy your ticket
  • Dinner reservations
  • Picture times
  • Corsage and Boutonniere
  • Nail Appointment
  • Find a date………...A DATE?!?!?!?

Whether you go with one of your friends, a group of friends, or your boyfriend/girlfriend, you always need to ask someone to be your date! The past few years, Promposals have become “mandatory,” over-the-top ways to ask your date to prom. Many have become famous on social media! Need some ideas?? Have fun and be safe this prom season!

Some Simple Ideas:


Some CRAZY Ideas:


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