Hallway Manners

By: Sophie Dillon

In school you learn many different concepts, and yet some students still haven't grasped the idea of walking correctly in the hallway. When driving everyone knows that you drive on the right side of the road, so when you are walking in the hallways you should use the same rules as you would when driving. Walking in the hallways at Arlington is very dangerous, the students do not understand that conversations can still happen even though the other person is not next to you.

 Here are some rules you should follow when walking in the hallways:

-Walk on the right side always
-Do not cut the corners when turning
-Walk in a single file line
-No horseplay when walking
-Walk at a pace that is courteous of others
-No yelling
-Do not stand in groups by your locker

All these rules may seem obvious, but there are many students on a daily basis that do not follow these rules. I have some personal experiences with kids not following the rules above.

It is the first day back from break, and I was walking down the stairs to get to my class. It was tolerable until two boys in front of me started to push one another when walking down the stairs, so I continued to walk when they rushed back to where they were before. They continued to walk slowly; those kids are not the worst I have encountered. There are many times that students have ran into me in the hallways.

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