Believe It Or Not, It's Christmas


By: Kylee Crist and Bridget Barrientos 

In case you haven’t heard, Arlington has established a BIONIC team, which stands for Believe It Or Not I Care. So, to celebrate the holiday season, our BIONIC team passed out candy canes with positive messages to show people they care. This is only one of the many things they have done, or plan to do this school year. This is solely a volunteer-based club, consisting of four groups, where the members work together towards the prevention of bullying.

 One of the groups is called the “Advocacy” group. Its goal is to promote the importance of anti-bullying programs and why we need to have open discussions about the things going on in the school. The group also helps out students new to the school find their way around and feel welcomed.

 Another group is called the “Tragedy” group. Its focus is making sure those who are affected by a tragedy, such as a death in the family, feel cared about. They do many things to show the person they care, including having everyone involved with BIONIC sign a card.

 Our next group is the “Celebration” team. This group helps celebrate any accomplishments that the students at Arlington have achieved. This group is not just limited to celebrate the students, it also helps celebrate holidays and upcoming events.

 Our last group is the “Breakfast Club”. The Breakfast Club is here for anyone that needs to talk about issues without being judged or feeling that you don’t matter. They are there for you if you’re having trouble in school, or outside of school, and need help with it. If you feel like you should talk with another group in BIONIC, the Breakfast Club will help you out and suggest where you should go to for that issue.

 If you’re having any troubles this holiday season or just someone to talk to, BIONIC is here for you.

-Happy Holidays! :)

Here is Anna Edmiston speaking on behalf of the group for a $1000 grant to start the BIONIC group!




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