2017 Fall Sports Banquet

By: Morgan Wykes 

The time has come and now all of the fall sports have come to a conclusion. The football team ended their season 5-5, the volleyball team ended their season 18-7,  the golf team ended their season 9-9, and the cheerleaders ended the season supporting our teams with lots of enthusiasm. All of the following are the awards that the athletes have won during the 2017 fall season.


First Year Letters: Bryce Gast, William Flick, Jack Bateson, Carter Essinger, Jaret Vermillion, Ty Webb, Tyson Speyer, Evan Rice, Ryan Metzger, Malcolm Williams,  Seth Courtney, Gavin Isenbarger, Dylan Miles, Bailey Parke

Second Year Letters: Jacob Russell, Ivan Berry, Kaiden Fredette

Third Year Letters: Evan O’Rear, Devin Plunkett, Nate Sheets, Ben Slough, Caleb Price, Justin Sheldon

Mr. Red Devil: Bailey Parke

Outstanding Player of the Year: Caleb Price

Lineman of the Year: Justin Sheldon

Pepper Award: Ben Slough

Most Improved Player: Ty Webb

Senior Punt, Pass, Kick, and Snap: Punt: Ben Slough, Pass: Caleb Price, Kick: Gavin Isenbarger, Snap: Caleb Price

1st Team BVC: Caleb Price, Ben Slough

2nd Team BVC: Ryan Metzger, Caleb Price

Honorable Mention: Evan O’Rear, Ivan Berry, Devin Plunkett, Tyson Speyer

BVC All Academic: Bailey Parke


First Year Letters: Morgan Wykes, Sarah Solt, Jessica Haught, Makenna Zehender, Moriah Helms, Kylie Rausch

Second Year Letters: Jenna Pepple, Olivia Griggs, Addy Lafferty, Alyssa Jordan
Third Year Letters: Hannah Willow

1st Team BVC: Hannah Willow

3rd Team BVC: Addy Lafferty, Alyssa Jordan

Honorable Mention: Olivia Griggs, Moriah Helms

BVC All Academic: Olivia Griggs, Moriah Helms, Addy Lafferty, Alyssa Jordan, Jessica Haught, Makenna Zehender, Kylie Rausch
Most Improved Player: Moriah Helms

Red Devil: Mekenna Zehender


First Year Letters: Logan Below, Austin Rausch

Second Year Letters: Emma Smith, Will Bushong, Brayden Bushong, Ewan Martin, Garner Anderson

2nd Team BVC: Will Bushong

Honorable Mention: Brayden Bushong, Garner Anderson

MVP: Will Bushong


First Year Letters: Anna Edmiston, Bailey Rock

Second Year Letters: Alyssa Bushong, Brianna Heyman

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