Arlington to Break Ground on New School

May 14, 2024

Arlington to Break Ground on New School 

Arlington Local School will host a groundbreaking ceremony for its new school on Wednesday, May 15 at 1:45 p.m. During the district-wide ceremony, staff members and students will outline the new building’s footprint and turn over dirt with individual commemorative shovels.  Click here to view the agenda. 

First-year Industrial Arts Teacher Aiden Vent set out to construct 700 shovels at the beginning of March. This included marking, cutting, bending, soldering, grinding, cleaning, painting, and applying stickers to the metal. The entire 8-step process takes about 15-20 minutes per shovel. 

Vent, recruiting several classes to complete the project, said, “It’s been a long process but it has been fun watching and helping all the students work together to make these shovels.”

The shovels feature artwork created by junior Sarah Linsanti. Students K-12 submitted designs to be featured on the shovels and the final piece of art, voted on by a committee, is shown below.  

The new building will be completed in the spring of 2026 and open in the fall of 2026. The first graduating class in the new building will be the class of 2027.

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