Arlington's New Esports Team!

February 1, 2024


 Arlington’s Esports Team! 

In early December of 2023, Arlington Local Schools assembled its first Esports team. Consisting of 11 members, the rookie team is ranked 1/70 in the region and 2/244 in the state. 

Beginning in 2022, a small group of students and teachers worked through the school’s leadership program to implement fundraising initiatives to obtain the necessary supplies. Through a generous donation, the team acquired 6 gaming PCs, which brought the vision of the club to life.  

This club team is not just a bunch of kids sitting around playing video games; it is a way to learn strategy, practice teamwork, and increase brain power. The team consists of two varsity rosters and primarily competes in the online game, Fortnite. On competition days, the team is sent a custom code that allows them to log in to the online platform. They play against 20+ teams throughout the state in each match. Like any other sport, there are opportunities to compete at the state level, a feat Arlington’s inaugural team may reach if it maintains its current record and qualifies as one of the top 8 teams in the region.

Junior Nathan Morehart, one of the initial founders of the club and current member, leads the team in points. “My favorite memory is clutching up on a game after two of my teammates died and I ended up winning.”

Games are on Mondays and practices are on Wednesdays. As the team develops, they look to expand their roster to include JV. More members will also give them more opportunities to compete in a variety of games. 


Written by: Allyson DePuy 

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