Junior Class Play Details

March 14, 2023

By Addisyn Molina

On March 17th and 18th at 7:00pm in the auditorium Mr. Beck and a portion of the Junior Class will be presenting a play called “The Armadillo Queen”. The play takes place in Texas at Hurleyburg High School. Sara, a new student at Hurleyburg High School, wants to get by her senior year without anyone paying attention to her. Ultimately this doesn’t happen when Sara gets picked as the Armadillo Queen for the school’s mascot. Sara is supposed to create school spirit, attend a cow pie bingo contest, and must wear the armadillo costume. A 100 year old curse on the town, Hurlyberg will cause the town to disappear if the football doesn’t win it’s next big game. The Hurleyburg football coach is frightened by this curse and confides in a fortune teller to make sure that the football team doesn’t lose. Cee Cee and Dee Dee, the school's lunch ladies are excited in keeping their winning streak alive at the cow pie bingo contest. This play is intended to be funny and to have great laughter among the audience. The tickets will be sold at the door for $5. The Junior Class hopes to see many community members at the play! 


Cast List:


Sara: Addisyn Molina 


Charlie Hunter: Caden Russell and Luke Metzger 


Gypsy Jane: Julia Stewart 


Cee Cee: Cami Settlage 


Dee Dee: Leah Durliat 


Miss Battleaxe: Nay Auelua


Coach: Mason Cavinee 


Henderson: Wesley Hartman 


Football Players: Regan Zehnder, Leah Simon, Ivy Billerman, Annabelle Nigh and Chloe Rau 


Cheerleaders: Kaylee Simon, Justin Rausch, Luke Metzger and Wesley Hartman 


Cow: Justin Rausch 

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