March Senior Of The Month!

March 10, 2023

 Adria Below

By Cayne Essinger

Congratulations to our March Senior of the Month, Adria Below!


Here’s what some of the staff have to say about her:

  •   “Adria is an enthusiastic and energetic student in class, and her presence each day helps to brighten up the room. She always comes to class with a smile on her face, and she never complains. Instead, she just works hard in pursuit of her goals regardless of the situation. In addition to her hard work and positive demeanor, Adria is polite and kind to her teachers and to her peers, which I feel makes her a great role model for younger students to emulate. Adria’s involvement in sports, cheer, and other extracurricular activities demonstrates her strong leadership abilities as well as her school spirit.” 


  •   “Adria has a bubbly personality that can light up any room. Not only does she strive for greatness in the classroom, but she also does in her everyday life and in the hallways with others. She is always looking to brighten someone's day with a kind word or a smile. Her positive leadership with her peers and teammates is a valuable asset to Arlington. We are so happy she is here at AHS!” 


  •     “Adria is the kind of student that brings sunshine and joy to every room she enters. I appreciate her caring spirit and that she is someone who has lived her life knowing that kindness to others always comes back two-fold. Her sense of humor, willingness to help, and ability to lighten up any situation will take her very far in life. I am always impressed how she naturally leads by example and never misses an opportunity to laugh when life gets too serious. I am going to miss her cheerful spirit in the hallways next year but wish her nothing but the best at Ohio University and beyond!” 


We asked Adria some questions to get to know her better!


What is your absolute favorite food of all time? Why?

I would definitely have to say chocolate lava cake because I love anything with chocolate and lava cake is about as much chocolate as you can get. 


What are you going to miss most about Arlington? Why or why not?

I’m definitely going to miss the small town and how everyone knows everyone here. I love being able to walk down the hallways and see familiar faces everywhere I go. I’ll especially miss playing sports with my teammates I've played with over the past 4 years. 


What’s your favorite TV show to watch?

My favorite TV show of all time is FRIENDS! It is the funniest show ever, if you’re reading this go watch it right now.


What is your dream place to live when you are older? Why?

My dream would be to live down south somewhere tropical like Florida. I would love to get away from Ohio’s terrible weather and I think it would be cool to be able to go to the beach whenever I want. I also want to live in a city that has a Target unlike Arlington.


Snow storm or heat wave? Why?

100% heat wave. I hate snow and the cold. It’s only allowed to snow when it’s Christmas or if it means we get a school cancellation.


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