Where Are They Now?

January 20, 2023


By Cami Settlage 

Last year, the AHS Media Writing class started a series called, “Where Are They Now?” This series allows the Media Writing team to contact AHS alumni and see where life has taken them since their glorious high school years! This time, we are asking former AHS grad Hailey Essinger where she is now and how college life is treating her! Let’s get to know Hailey and see what she’s up to!

What year did you graduate from Arlington?


What university do you currently attend?

University of Akron

What do you major in?

Biochemical Engineering

How has your experience at college been?

I have loved college and the people I have met. The University of Akron is big enough that you are always meeting new people but small enough you always know at least one person everywhere you go. College is definitely a different academic challenge than high school, but well worth it when you find a major you enjoy. I 100% recommend finding at least one internship while in college, because mine have helped me find things I really enjoy/don’t enjoy. 

What do you miss the most about Arlington?

The thing I miss the most about Arlington is the love the people had for the community and how they stepped up to help others when needed.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I am a part of the Biomedical Engineering Society, Society of Women in Engineering, a part of the AK Rowdies, a lead on prosthetics design team, on leadership in a college ministry, and a stem leader in an after school program for kids in a developing neighborhood. I also love hanging out with friends and going on hikes because Akron has a lot of great waterfalls!:)

Who has been your greatest role model throughout high school and college?

My biggest role model in high school academically was probably Mrs. Miller or Mr. Feller. Miller helped me find a love for science and Feller taught me the love of design and being proud of your work. Both of these I will use for the rest of my life and cherish. Role models for life are probably my parents. They have consistently shown how hard work and self sacrifice not only are important in the work you do, but also the relationships in your life as well.


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