November Senior of the Month

November 7, 2022


By Cayne Essinger

Congratulations to our November Senior of the Month, Jake Vermillion!

Here’s what some of the staff have to say about him:

  •       “Jake is a one-of-a-kind student because he is an overall well-rounded human being: takes initiative, always gives his best, works to his potential yet pushes himself further, has an outstanding work ethic, makes good choices, great integrity, respectful, kind, reliable, responsible.....the list just goes on!”


  •       “The thoughts that come to my mind when I think of Jake, his work ethic, his character, and overall being are that he is someone I can always count on to do the right thing in any situation. He is one that respects others whether he knows them or not, puts forth 100% in anything he is involved with, and treats others with genuine kindness. Although all of his accomplishments are outstanding in their own respect, it is who he is as a person that makes him stand out most. I believe that wherever he is planted in this life, he is destined to do good things and be an even better peer/colleague/friend/employee.”


  •       “Jake is always busy working and designing his own furniture, helping others or doing whatever is asked of him.  He models ideal student behaviors by being attentive to directions and instructions and staying on task.  He has the ability to plan ahead and foresee things that might become a problem and heads them off before they happen."


  • I always get special enjoyment from students that choose to take my class and have plans of what they want to accomplish and see them through.  Jake is definitely one of the top students in my class and well deserving of the Student of the Month because the values he displays around my classroom are also displayed in the other areas of the building. I wish Jake well in his future endeavors and know that he will do well in life because he has a good head on his shoulders and demonstrates and lives by good values.”

We asked Jake some questions to get to know him better!

Where do you dream of living and why?

I dream of living in Florida but away from the beach because I am not a beach guy, but I love the heat.

What is one thing you will never do again?

I will never play football with my boys.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

People drawing too aggressively on a chalkboard!!

Would you rather a beach day or a snow day?

Snow day

What is your favorite holiday and why and why?

Easter because I love being able to celebrate Jesus rising again and being able to be around family.




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