Influential Teacher Spotlight

January 3, 2022

By Kylie Jolliff

The students in grades 7-12 were sent a Google Form to fill out who has been the most influential teacher to you and why. The media writing class will be highlighting a teacher every month with responses from the students!  The first most influential teacher of the month is Mrs. Griffin! Mrs. Griffin is the elementary music teacher, assistant band director, high school choir director, and she has been here for five years. All the students really enjoy having Mrs. Griffin here and we just hope that her hard work and dedication to the choir department is not underappreciated! This is what the students had to say about her:

  • Mrs. Griffin has definitely influenced me this year. She has been so welcoming to me for my first year of choir. She is very energetic, funny, and smart. Her love for music has allowed my love of music to continue to grow. I am so glad that I joined choir and cannot wait for the rest of the year.
  • Mrs. Griffin because even when I'm scared she still pushes me to do what she knows I can.
  • Mrs. Griffin has taught me so many life lessons since 7th grade choir. I'm so grateful that she is in my life and she always brightens my day. She has taught me kindness, respect, and how to treat others like I want to be treated. Her hilarious and relatable jokes make my heart happy and I would do anything for this delightful lady. I can't imagine life after graduation when I won't be able to see her everyday. Love you Jdog <3

Again, thank you Mrs. Griffin for being such a positive role model for our students!

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