Thankfulness at Arlington

November 11, 2021

By Emma Cole 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving coming up, I sent out a Google Form to all of the students to say what they’re thankful for here at Arlington. Here are some of their answers:

“Mrs. Thompson and her efficiency and care for the students.”

“My amazing friends and teachers.”

“The cafeteria ladies, they make me happy, and Mrs. Barger who always listens to me.”

“Having a normal school year and a normal senior year.”

“The teachers, janitors, cafeteria staff, and the school aids/ nurses.”

“How close the community can be.”

“I am thankful for the wonderful staff at Arlington. School feels more enjoyable when it is easier to form relationships with your peers and teachers, and I think that's something that happens effortlessly in this building.”

“Our wonderful teachers and staff members.”

“I am thankful for my small class because I feel like we are all so close and it makes going to school more enjoyable.”

“Kind teachers who like to help us.”

Remember, it doesn't have to be Thanksgiving for you to recognize what you are thankful for, gratitude can be practiced everyday. Recognizing what you're grateful for can make you more positive and can be good for your well being and can, according to scientists, boost your success! So try practicing your gratitude by telling someone everyday that you appreciate them!

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