Golf Senior Interview

Golf Senior Interview

October 13, 2021

By Kylie Jolliff:

This year’s golf team only had one senior member, Landon Smith! Landon has played golf all four years of high school and has also made it far in all those years. Landon is also very active in other activities but his favorite is golf. I got together with Landon and asked him a couple questions. 


What is your favorite thing about golf?

  • Meeting new people/making new friends every time you play! 

Why should people play golf? 

  • It's easy to do when you are in many other activities like band and FFA and 4-H, like Landon! 

What was your best par? If you don’t know what par means, it’s how many strokes the golfer takes at that designated hole. 

  • His best par was a 42 and if you don’t know a lot about golf that is pretty good! 

How many balls have you hit into the pond? 

  • Probably over 100!

Congratulations to Landon Smith on his very successful years playing golf at Arlington! We appreciate you for all the hard work and time you have put into the golf team! 

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