Morgan Rossman - 2020


By Emma Rossman

This series allows the Media Writing team to contact AHS alumni and to see where life has taken them since high school at Arlington. I asked my brother some questions so everyone can get to know him and see where life has taken him now that he’s over halfway done with college!


What year did you graduate from Arlington?



What university do you attend?

Anderson University


What’s your major?

National Security, History


What organizations have you joined?

Model Diplomacy, AU StoryMonth, Tree Huggers, Chorale


Tell us about your Model Diplomacy experience.

I joined several hundred other college students from over a hundred different schools to act out the United Nations at the American Model United Nations conference in Chicago. Each “delegation” of students has a different nation to roleplay as, and each school can represent multiple nations if their group is large enough (Anderson represented New Zealand and Belarus). I represented New Zealand alongside a partner in the Historical Security Council, which roleplayed as the United Nations Security Council in the year 1993. Highlights included finding a solution to a genocide during a 11PM-4AM emergency session. Our friends represented our nations in other Assemblies, which covered topics such as women’s rights, climate change, and international disarmament. Local colleges sent representatives, including Wooster and Bowling Green. If you go to college for something related to political science and you have the opportunity to go, please do so!


Tell us about your experience in the AU Chorale.

I’ve been able to make a lot of beautiful music with people that really enjoy making it. I’ve made a lot of friends outside my majors and use that time to wind down. It is also a great opportunity to travel and see the world; this spring, we will be having a big tour during break that ends in New York City and in May we’ll be leaving for Scandinavia!


What do you miss the most about Arlington?

I miss my friends from school. I was the only one of my class to go to Anderson, so I haven’t seen many of my friends since we graduated. This was exacerbated with COVID and the premature end of our senior year. I still work and hang out with Jagger Bacon during breaks and periodically see other classmates when I’m home, but those instances are rare. It makes me happy to hear good news from them every now and then.


What advice would you give to students that are in high school?

Enjoy every moment you can with your friends now, as you never know when you’re going to see them again after you graduate. Also College Credit Plus, it saves you lots of time and money in college!


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