Matthew Robinson - 2006

Matthew Robinson

By: Kate Ernst

What year did you graduate from Arlington? 

I graduated in 2006…wow I’m old.


What university did you attend? 

I received my bachelors from the University of Toledo and my MBA from Florida Institute of Technology


How was your college experience? Do you have any advice or regrets? 

I had an absolute blast in college.  I joined a fraternity my freshman year which helped me to form a large friend group that became a second family.  It also accelerated my professional network across the country. My junior year I joined the Army ROTC program and also enlisted into the Ohio Army National Guard.  

The advice I would give Juniors and Seniors is follow your passions and listen to the little voice inside you that helps to guide your decisions.  No career decision or selection of a college major is set in stone.  You can always pivot and change what you do in life. 

The only regret I have is not selecting a major in college that allowed me to pursue a study abroad experience.  The earlier you can travel the world, the better your perception on life will be. 


What are you currently doing now since graduating college? 

After graduating from the University of Toledo, I joined the Army as a Military Intelligence Officer.  I served two overseas tours, one in Afghanistan 2012 and one in Djibouti 2017.  After 11 years in the Army I transitioned to corporate America.  I am currently a management consultant for Accenture in their Chicago office. 


What do you miss the most about Arlington? 

I miss the sense of community that growing up in a rural farm town provides.  I miss the camaraderie of playing sports throughout high school and of course Jac n Do’s pizza. 


What advice would you give to students that are currently in high school? 

My biggest piece of advice to anyone is to live your life for you, not anyone else.  When confronted with choices and decisions, embrace risk and challenge your life!  Embrace being uncomfortable.  You need discomfort, whether it’s physical discomfort in the gym or mental discomfort when chasing your goals.  And never be afraid of failure.  The only failure in life is when you stop trying and give up. 

And lastly…travel, travel travel! Explore new countries, new people, new cultures, new food.  It will be the most rewarding thing you can do.


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