Kylie Rausch - 2018

Kylie Rausch

By Addisyn Molina

Last year the AHS Media Writing class started a series called Where Are They Now? This series allows the Media Writing team to contact AHS alumni and to see where life has taken them since high school at Arlington. Let’s start by asking former AHS grad Kylie Rausch where she is now since graduating both high school and college. Get to know Kylie and see where life has taken her! 

What year did you graduate from Arlington? 


What university did you attend? 

University of Toledo. Go Rockets!!

What did you major in? 

I got a Bachelor of Science in exercise science.

How was your college experience? 

College life was very exciting. Moving to a large city was definitely a big change, but UT is so beautiful and living on campus, meeting new people, and joining organizations was so fun. College was also very challenging, especially with COVID hitting during my sophomore year. Switching to online learning was definitely hard seeing as I had no experience with it before. But, I graduated and it was so worth it because I love what I do now.

What are you currently doing now since graduating college? 

I am currently working at a Fitness Center in Marysville, OH. I have my certifications in ACSM Exercise Physiology and NASM Group Exercise. I do a lot of exercise programming based on my clients’ goals and abilities. I love training my clients, teaching classes, and just helping manage the gym. Seeing my clients’ progress toward their goals is so rewarding. 

What do you miss the most about Arlington? 

I definitely miss being able to see friends everyday. But I especially miss volleyball and Loud Crowd! Sports were such a big part of my life growing up and you don’t realize how much you’ll miss those 6AM summer practices.

What advice would you give to students that are currently still in high school? 

Look forward to life after high school, but don’t make your whole high school career about graduating and moving on. You have no idea how much you’ll wish to go back to simpler times in high school. (I know it probably doesn’t feel like simple times, but I promise it gets harder.) College can be so fun, but you have to work so hard to keep a good school/life balance. You’ll never feel like you’ve fully figured it out and that’s okay. Just do your BEST and you will figure it out as you go.


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