Katie Cramer - 1995

By Kate Ernst


What year did you graduate from Arlington?



What university did you attend?

Ohio Wesleyan


How was your college experience?

Get involved, network, and don’t take your education for granted. It is unlikely your adult life will offer you either the time or the bandwidth to read books, explore topics, travel, and learn like you can do in college. Neither college, nor high school for that matter, is something to just white knuckle or to just achieve grades in…it’s a gift.


What are you currently doing now since graduating college?

After college I went to law school and practiced labor and employment law in Columbus for a decade or so, then I moved home to Arlington and taught Legal Analysis classes at Ohio Northern Law School for 4 years. In 2020, I decided to rehab an old building in town and turn it into a place to get locally raised meat and other local foods—Hurdwell.


What is your biggest accomplishment?

My family.


What advice would you give to students that are currently still in high school?

Treat each other well. (That goes for every single person in your class.) Get involved in a church and try learning for your actual self about the life and words of Jesus of Nazareth. Forget what you’ve heard about him from other people. When you read it for yourself, you will find it incredibly compelling. Set limits for yourself on your phones, even if your parents don’t. Find a mentor.


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