Kaity Weidman - 2012

By Madi Russell

What year did you graduate from Arlington?



What university did you attend?

The University of Findlay for my undergrad and Tiffin University for my graduate degree


What are you currently doing now since graduating college?

I am a Sergeant on third shift patrol at the Lima Police Department


What is your biggest accomplishment? Any regrets?

My biggest accomplishment is finishing police academy at The Ohio State Patrol Academy (Basic Class 134) and it was so tough, but I have no regrets 


What do you miss about Arlington?

I miss the community feel of Arlington. I have worked in Lima for 7 years and coached at Lima Senior for 5 years. It’s a great school but it is so different and comes with a unique set of challenges and adversity every day. 


Who was your favorite teacher at Arlington and what was your favorite class?

All of my English teachers: Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Barger, Mrs. Harvey were amazing, as well as Mrs. Metzger (but I’m biased lol). All of the teachers at Arlington were amazing and their passion for helping students and the community was very apparent. Finally, Mrs. Kubbs was truly the best principal anyone could ask for and I wish every school could have her. 


What is your favorite memory from high school?

My favorite memory was winning state senior year, and I never realized how great Coach Newlove was until I began coaching myself. He knows the game better than most and truly had the drive to win while keeping his players’ needs in mind, which is very difficult I have learned.  


What advice would you give to students that are currently still in high school?

I would tell high schoolers to be open minded. Arlington is amazing and will always be home, but there is so much more to see and do. There are endless possibilities for you. 


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