Dylan Frazier - 2016


Dylan Frazier

By: Kate Ernst

What year did I graduate from Arlington?


What university did you attend?

I went to the University of Findlay for journalism/digital media with a minor in sport and event management. When I got my diploma in December 2020, I was actually in quarantine for COVID. Some graduation party, right?

How was your college experience? Do you have any advice or regrets?

My college experience was pretty great once I actually got involved with things on campus. I lived at home to save money and I was more concerned about my part-time job and making money than I was actually getting the experience of being a college student for my first two years. I honestly felt like I had to go to college instead of actually wanting to go for my first two years at UF. But once I started branching out, trying out new things, and meeting new people, I truly loved my experience. If I didn’t do any of that, I wouldn’t have the job I do now, and I’d still be living at home working a job I hated. My biggest advice is to try new things and experience life. This is one of the few times in your life when everyone is basically on the same level. It’s most likely the first time you’re on your own, you don’t know everyone and their families like you do going to Arlington, and that can be overwhelming. College can be scary for some—it was for me at first—but it’s less scary when you have people to talk to about because odds are they feel the same as you might. So my regret is also the advice I’d give you… don’t be afraid to try new things because I was and I’ll never get that time back.

What are you doing now?

After close to 2 years as a sports writer at The Findlay Courier, I now work at The Toledo Blade as a copy editor/page designer and have since last July. What I largely do now is proof articles for our paper to be sure they are correct in their spelling, grammar, and information. Occasionally I will design the pages and put those stories I have proved onto a page. The hours aren’t great (I work from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.), but it is a very rewarding job and I am thankful to work here. I am excited to see where this takes me.

What do you miss most about Arlington?

This is actually an interesting question to me; I haven’t really thought about this much at all. I think the further you remove yourself from high school, the less you miss about high school. That’s not to say I don’t miss high school because I do. I miss seeing my friends every day, the basketball games, the teachers you grow very close to, and everything else. I think what is really interesting is that the day you graduate might be the last time you ever see some of those people and I find that fascinating. But those people you consider close to are just a phone call or text away.

Do you have any advice for current Arlington students?

My first piece of advice would be to play Nickelback at any moment for Mrs. Barger, who I assume is running this class, because it’s her favorite music group I promise. In all seriousness, I think my biggest piece of advice would be to realize that as important as going to high school is right now to you, remember that at the end of the day, you’re just getting your life started. I know it feels like the world is ending if you do poorly on a test or a paper you have written, but remember there’s so much more to life than that. I once got a 20 percent on an exam in college. I probably shouldn’t be telling you that, but who cares I’m graduated now. But anyway, high school is an important part of your life there’s no doubt, but it’s important to put things in perspective and remember you have a long road ahead of you.


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