Collin Tobin - 2017


Collin Tobin 

By Jenna Deuble

What year did you graduate Arlington?



What motivated you to join the Army?

My family has a history of being in the military and to be honest I had nothing better to do.


What have been your toughest, favorite and life changing moments during your time in the Army?

Some of the toughest and favorite moments have included being 5,000 miles away from home, training hard, and exploring a new country. One of the most life-changing times would be living in Europe the last two years with all kinds of cultures and the ability to travel.


What do you miss most about Arlington?

My time was short at the school, l but in that time I was welcomed into the community and built friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime.


Who has been your biggest role model throughout high school and after?

One of my biggest role models was my grandfather. He was also in the Army and had me set on joining since I was a kid.


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