Carson Essinger - 2018


By Kate Ernst

Last year the AHS Media Writing class started a series called Where Are They Now? This series allows the Media Writing team to contact AHS alumni and to see where life has taken them since high school at Arlington. Let’s start by asking former AHS grad Carson Essinger where she is now since graduating both high school and college. Get to know Carson and see where life has taken her! 

What year did you graduate from Arlington?

I graduated from Arlington in 2018.

What university did you attend?

I attended Bowling Green State University.

How was your college experience? Do you have any advice or regrets?

My college experience was amazing! I found a group of lifelong friends, who shared the same morals and beliefs as me, and this made all the difference. One piece of advice would be to make sure that you do all the things that you want to do. It does not matter how crazy, strange, or out of the ordinary they are, college is the place to try them. You will look back and smile at all of the inside jokes, funny mishaps, and amazing memories if you follow that.

What are you currently doing now since graduating college?

I am currently working on becoming a “Southern Belle” while enjoying life, with my puppy dog, in Houston, TX. I teach 6th grade Social Studies, in a 5th/6th grade school building, to students who are primarily bilingual.

What do you miss the most about Arlington?

I miss the quietness of a small town with empty fields to look at for miles. I also really miss the “everyone knows everyone” kind of feel….sometimes, haha!

What advice would you give to students that are currently still in high school?

Don’t take living close to/with your family for granted, and don’t leave Arlington to ESCAPE. Instead if you are going to leave, do it to EXPLORE. There is a sweetness to recognizing where you come from and how it made you into the person you are today, don’t forget that! Just sprinkle in a little exploring along the way.


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