Abbey Leonard - 2016


Abbey Leonard

By Addisyn Molina

Where Are They Now is an article series started by the Media Writing team, it allows for the writers to contact former AHS alumni and to see where they are now since AHS. For this article we decided to ask former AHS grad Abbey Leonard where she is now since her time at AHS and graduating college.

What year did you graduate from Arlington? 



What university did you attend? 

I attended the University of Findlay 


What did you major in? 

I majored in Early Childhood Education 


How was your college experience? 

It must not have been too bad of an experience if I am back at the same school getting my masters degree ;) haha No but really, It was absolutely perfect for me! The University of Findlay is a smaller university compared to others.. and for some people a small college isn’t the right fit. But it was perfect for me! I lived at home and commuted. My mom works at the University, so when I would have a break in between classes I would often go visit her or have lunch with her. The end of my college experience was pretty anticlimactic though. In the middle of my last semester covid hit, and everything went online. I didn’t even get to walk across the stage or walk through the arch (a tradition at the university), but I am hoping to after I complete my masters degree! 


What are you doing now since graduating college? 

Since graduating college I’ve traveled to some really awesome places, gotten married, bought a house, and am teaching kindergarten here at Arlington Elementary. My husband, Jake, and I live in town, but hope to soon move out into the country. We have a dog named Dobby, and two of the CUTEST nieces and nephews on the face of the planet! 


What is it like being a teacher here at Arlington? 

I absolutely love it! I am appreciative of the supportive administration, and parents. I have been inside schools where the staff and administration aren’t supporting each other, and it truly makes a difference in the school culture. I am so thankful to get to do what I love, at a school that I love. This place feels like home, it always has. And I wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else. 


What do you miss the most about high school? 

The lack of responsibility! LOL Now I’m an adult and I have to make my own doctors appointments, and learn about insurance, and make sure to get groceries every week. Adulting isn’t as much fun as they made it seem.


What advice would you give to students that are still in high school? 

I spent a lot of time in highschool wishing I could graduate and go to college… then I spent time in college wishing graduation day would come sooner and I could be done, etc. Everything you do in life has a season…. Highschool, college, early adulthood, everything comes in seasons. There will be some amazing seasons in life, and some not so great ones…. But make the best of the season you’re in and don’t wish it away so quickly! Because then you’ll have passed that season of your life, wishing you could go back and do more! Do what you can in the season you’re in and embrace the change of a new season when it comes.


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