Teacher of the Month: September

Each month, fellow teachers nominate one teacher who they believe is worthy of the prestigious, highly sought-after title of Teacher of the Month! For September, that winner is our very own Computer Apps and Spanish teacher, the quiz bowl advisor, and all-around amazing person, Mrs. Lisa Beall! In an effort to learn more about her life and the wonderful things she does, we asked her some extremely hard-hitting questions:

1. Did you have a teacher when you were in school that inspired you? If so, how did they inspire you?
  -Yes, my fourth grade teacher was amazing! She was so kind and patient and taught me that reading was fun. My band teacher throughout elementary, Jr. High, and High school. He instilled discipline and a love of music. I also had a few college professors who taught we to take chances and that mistakes are a part of life… learn from them and keep going.

2. Do you foresee this being your final job in life?
-I’m not sure. We’ll see what life has in store for me.

3. When you were a child, what was your dream job?
-I wanted to be a teacher!

4. If you could go back and redo your first year of teaching, what would you do differently?
-IDK… the first year is rough. However, I felt that the University of Cincinnati did an outstanding job of preparing me to be a teacher. I was a part time teacher my last year of school while finishing my degree so I felt very prepared for my “first year” once I graduated.

5. What drives you to get out of bed so early every morning?
-I’m a morning person! I’m always up early. I truly enjoy my career.

6. What have you learned from teaching?
-Lots! I’ve learned to work with a variety of personality types in both colleagues and students. When one can understand another’s perspective, the one can reach or connect the other. Teaching is rewarding but usually a teacher doesn’t realize how they have impacted a student until years later.

7. What is your main goal for teaching? What’s your main goal in life?
-My main goal for teaching is to be kind and understanding, yet firm. I have a passion for the Spanish language and culture. I enjoy sharing that with my students.
My main goal in life is to be kind, friendly, and helpful.

8. Who is in your family?
-My husband, Tony, our four children… Abby, Holly, Travis, and Addison and our two dogs, Diesel and Tank. As well as my parents, my sister and her family and all my in-laws.

9. What activities do you participate in outside of school?
-A variety of activities at my church from the nursery to assisting with the children’s choir, to teaching the Jr. High youth group. Gardening, working outside with the farm animals, watching football (Go Blue) ,and spending time with family.

10. If you could choose how to spend one day, doing whatever you'd like to do, what would you do?
-I would spend the day with my family on a catamaran in the Caribbean Sea just off the coast of Belize. While soaking up the sun, I would also fish for my own dinner and snorkel with the sea turtles and beautiful marine life!

Here is what other teachers had to say about the wonderful Mrs. Beall!

Lisa holds high, yet attainable expectations for her students. She holds herself to those high
standards as well. Lisa has done an outstanding job planning and promoting the Red Pride
Period. All her work is greatly appreciated! Congratulations Lisa!

Lisa Beall is the kind of teacher who always looks to give any challenge her absolute best. She
has embraced the Red Pride Period and continually asks the question, how can we make it
better and more accessible for teachers, students and everyone involved. She has helped to
make communication strong and to keep us all organized and knowing what is going on.
Although just one teacher in the Red Pride Team, her enthusiasm and efforts deserve this
special recognition. I also commend her for her all-around efforts to be her very best in all
areas of teaching and caring for our community. Congratulations Lisa!

Lisa has gone above and beyond with the Red Pride Period. She continually puts in a TON of
effort and it shows in numerous ways, one of which is the weekly agenda she sends out. Keep up the great work, Lisa!!

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