Learn More About the Lesser Known Staff at Arlington!

There are dozens of behind-the-scenes people who diligently work to make our school as inviting and safe as it is. From the wonderful women who fill our bellies to the hard-workers who line the field and keep our facilities clean, they’re people we couldn’t attend school without. In an attempt to shine a spotlight on these amazing people, media writing will be writing a weekly article about a member of the staff. We invite you to read and learn more about these amazing staff members! 

Our first-star employee is- Tracy MclLroy!

We’ve asked Tracy some hard-hitting questions to learn more about her:

Name: Tracy McILroy

How long have you worked at this school? This is my third year. 

Something you wish the students at the school knew about you, your job, or just life in general? I was a Red Devil too. Graduated from AHS in 2000.

What made you choose this job? I get to see my kids during the day and have the same days off they do. The school is a really nice place to work.

What's your favorite thing to do during work? I like getting to know all the kids. And typing up the colorful menus is fun.

What your least favorite thing to do during work? The milk cooler is really heavy to push! 

What’s your favorite meal that you prepare for the school lunches? I work the register so I don’t help prepare the meals, but salisbury steak day is my favorite.

What's your favorite thing to do during your day off? I love to sew and knit. I usually always have something to knit with me in my purse all the time just in case I have to wait somewhere.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been? My girls and I go to Kentucky every summer to the Jane Austen Festival.

What are some small things that make your day better? A smile or a thank you always brightens the day.


We’d like to thank Tracy and all the others who help our school run smoothly. Come back next week to learn more about the next employee we interview!


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