Warm Weather Activities

By: Brianna Heyman

With spring quickly arriving, I’ve realized how much there is to do outdoors. Many of these activities I’d like to share with you.

1. Go on hikes- this is a nice way to get exercise while out in the fresh air
2.Start a garden- a relaxing way to get fresh fruits and veggies
3. Plant flowers- adds color to your home for enjoyment
4. Lay outside and watch the sunrise- a calming way to wake up in the morning
5. Lay on a blanket and read outside- this expands your imagination in the cool spring air
6. Have a picnic with friends or family- quality time with close ones outside in the sun
7. Dance in the rain- let loose for a little bit and have some fun
8. Get your car washed- it will thank you after accumulating dirt all summer
9. Go fishing- a relaxing way to catch some dinner
10. Have a cookout- there is nothing better than some nice frilled food
11. Go berry picking- picking some fresh fruit is a “sweet” way to stay healthy
12. Visit a zoo- a fun way to see animals that you wouldn’t see in your backyard
13. Watch a ballgame- have a fun time getting fresh air while supporting a local team
14. Watch an outdoor concert- listening to music can be way more fun outside at a concert with friends
15. Go camping- have fun sleeping under the stars with friends or family
16. Do outdoor yoga- a relaxing way to get exercise in the fresh air
17. Stargaze- a relaxing way to spend your night outside
18. Take a day off of electronics and explore your town- unplugging from electronics and spending the day walking around town can be a great way to relax and get fresh air
19. Visit a farmers market- a nice way to get fresh fruits and vegetables while helping out local businesses
20. Watch a sunset- such a relaxing way to get fresh air
21. Ride horses- a fun way to get exercise out in the sun
22. Go to a drive-in movie- watching movies is great, but it can be way more fun outside under the stars
23. Pick wildflowers- a relaxing way to get fresh air while decorating your home

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