The Ethics of Recycling

By: Kylee Crist

Arlington's Ethics class, taught by Mr. Beck, is working on a project for their recycling unit. The class chose a project, or projects, to work on that involve the reuse of recyclable items. There were many different materials used during this process such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, newspaper, and empty cans. Some of the items that the students made were baskets, plant pots, a trumpet, toys for children, and a piggy bank.The goal for this assignment was to show how we can reuse things that would normally be thrown away, so we can help reduce our plastic problem around the world. You can help out the planet as well by doing your part and recycling the trash you use!



Musical Audition Help Session

There will be a musical audition help session Thursday, August 22nd at 10:00am and 4:00pm in the choir room. Interested students will have a chance to read lines and sing and receive some coaching as they prepare for the auditions the first week of

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