Setting Her Way to History


By: Collin Frazier

-As the volleyball season comes to an end, now is the time to reflect on the achievements our Lady Devils have attained. One of these achievements goes to Senior Alyssa Jordan. Jordan, best known for setting, achieved over 1,000 assists in her high school volleyball career. With this in mind (and the fact that she’s my best friend), I decided to interview her and give her thoughts about this accomplishment.

 -What game was it that you received your 1000th assist?


 -Where were you when you heard the news?

-I was at home talking with my dad about some other games going on and he gave the news. While I haven’t received any physical award, I’ve gotten acknowledged by people.

 -Do you believe that this will help you gain recognition for collegiate volleyball?

-I’ve already gotten attention from a few schools before reaching 1,000 assists, but this will help me get more recognition (although I am not planning on playing in college).

 -Any other achievements that you have received?

-BVC all-academic, 3rd Team BVC, and invitations for the District 8 All Star Match and Fostoria All Star Match.

 We are not only proud of Alyssa for her 1,000 assists, but also for the Lady Red Devils on a great season!



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