Senior of the Month: November


By: Carson Essinger


What do his teachers have to say?

Bailey Parke is one of the hardest workers I have ever had the honor of teaching and coaching. In the off- season, while working after school, Bailey showed up to early morning workouts and set an example for the team in the weight room. During the season, he always kept a positive attitude no matter the situation. As the 2017 Mr. Red Devil, he was mentally and physically tough, never complained, never gave up, and could always be counted on to perform. Bailey’s attitude and work ethic made us a better football team.
Bailey goes out of his way to do whatever he can to assist me or anyone else in the class. He is very creative, organized, and responsible. He is a pleasure to work with!
Bailey is a fun student who is passionate about his interests. He is friendly and quick to say, “Hi” whenever he enters a room.
Bailey is a team player who works hard to succeed.

 With Bailey being the Senior of the Month for November, we decided to interview him:

 What are some of your most memorable moments in your years at Arlington?

B: Some of my most memorable moments throughout my years at Arlington were going to Chicago with the choir class freshman year, going Washington D.C. with my class 8th grade year, and putting on The Jr. Class Play last year with my class.

 What are you most excited for your senior year?

B: I am most excited to hangout with my friends, make projects in shop class, and go to New York with my grade in the spring.

 How has your family impacted your high school career?

B: My family has supports me in everything I choose to do, and makes me try new things to make me a better person.

 What will you miss the most about Arlington?

B: I will miss being able to see my friends every day.

 Where would you like to attend college and what is your intended major?

B: I plan to apply at GROB and go through their apprenticeship. Then through the program, I will go to Rhodes for a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.




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