Read It and Weep- Book Recommendations

By: Martha Foltz

Today in a modern world, literature may strike a nonreader as a lost art. This couldn’t be further from the truth. New books are being written, edited, and published everyday. Novels and series are written in many genres and there’s something out there for everyone.

Arlington High School is full of those who read and those who don’t. Everyone could use ideas for their “to-be-read” list. We took to teachers and students for their suggestions. Make sure to check back each week for more recommendations!  

Collin Frazier:

The Catcher in The Rye By: J.D. Salinger. Where do I even begin with this book? Off of my older brother telling me that I am the main character when I was a sophomore, I gave this story a shot. I never thought how close I was to Holden when I was 16. He lived in a world where everyone was fake to him and he was never truly satisfied with life, much like me as a sophomore. Finishing this story was my turning point from becoming a boy to a man.

The Mortal Instruments By: Cassandra Clare. I liked the fact that these stories were a nice blend of themes. I got modern dystopian feel of novels that are up and coming in popularity. I also REALLY enjoy the sci fi action. It was an original idea to have different symbols represent different aspects of life. And the clash between vampires and the main heroes was enjoyable.

The Great Gatsby By: F. Scott Fitzgerald. I like classics, what can I say? This novel gave me so many vibes when I read it. The rich, colorful parties gave me the exciting idea of what the high life was like in the Roaring Twenties, the fact that no one truly knew Jay Gatsby made it mysterious, the love affair between Gatsby and Daisy and Tom turned it into a soap opera. This novel managed to twist and turn what The American Dream really is.

Mrs. Barger:

All the Light You Cannot See By: Anthony Doerr. Be swept away by the beautiful structure of this historical novel. Two stories, one is a blind girl and her father, the other is an orphaned boy who turns to the Hitler Youth, intertwine in the most surprising way before and during World War II.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry By: Fredrik Backman. Readers who enjoy fantasy will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of storytelling in this mysterious novel about a girl who loses her grandmother and is left to figure out her history.

The Nix By: Nathan Hill. Want a little bit of everything? Then this story is for you! From politics, to online gaming, to childhood, to family secrets, to troubled relationships, this debut novel is perfect for a book club!

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