National French Week

By: Anna Edmiston and Makenna Zehender

November 6th through the 10th is National French Week. National French Week is a nationwide event organized by teachers to celebrate the French Language, Culture, and Francophone (French Speaking)  Countries. Throughout this week students will participate in numerous activities such as watching French movies, having French parties, and even participating in a French Spirit Week. Arlington’s Chapter of Le Société Honoraire de Français decided to come up a with a spirit week for our French students to participate in over those five days.

 Spirit Days & Outfit Ideas

 November 6th: Stereotype Day- This is the day to break out your black and white striped shirts and fake mustaches. You could wear a beret or an ascot.

 November 7th: Level Day- This is the day that each level of French wears a different color. French 1’s are supposed to wear red, the French 2’s are supposed to wear orange, the French 3’s are to wear green,  the French 4’s are going to wear blue and the French 5’s are going to wear purple. You should go all out with the color you are supposed to wear.

   November 8th: Famous French Person Day- On Wednesday, you could wear a little black dress and be Coco Chanel, or get creative and become Napoleon Bonaparte, Victor Hugo, Joan of Arc, or even Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

 November 9th: Tourist Day- On Thursday, you can wear your favorite fanny pack, khaki shorts, and cameras and “explore!”

 November 10th: Bastille Day- Friday, it is Veterans’ day as well as Bastille Day. This means that you should dress up in your fanciest red, white and blue.

 All are welcome to participate, but only the French students that do will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card.

Frozen Jr. The Musical
The Arlington music department presents Frozen Jr. - The Musical. You can reserve seating for this event by stopping by the high school office or contacting Mr. Haught at 419-365-5121 ext. 252.  Please use the links below to view seating availability. Any seat highlighted in yellow has already been sold. Seats are reserved on a first come - first serve basis. 

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